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Are Cheap Cannabis Seeds Worth it

Are Cheap Cannabis Seeds Worth it

Straight off the bat, we can tell you that cheap cannabis seeds are most certainly worth buying. However, this is only true when they are purchased from a reputable source with a proven track record. With cheap cannabis seeds, it can really go either way, but that can be said for the more expensive ones too. Being a regular online forum user I can tell you first hand that some of the most popular and well-known breeders have produced several bad batches of seeds that have disappointed growers, to say the least.

In this guide, we are going to compare statistics for cheap cannabis seeds and premium ones. We will be comparing them based on several different attributes, all information is taken from online forums such as THCTalk, Rollitup, and 420Magazine. On our online seedbank, we have a superior range of cheap cannabis seeds for sale by a breeder named Dark Wizard Genetics. We will use this breeder for the comparison along with three popular seedbanks which are 'Sensi Seeds', 'Nirvana', and 'Royal Queen Seeds'.

So, How do Cheap Cannabis Seeds compare?

When it comes to cheap cannabis seeds it is truly a myth that paying more gets you more. When we talk about the quality of cannabis seeds it is not actually as straight forward as one may think. Genetics holds many different sought-after values such as yields, smell, taste, flowering time, potency, and plant height. To shake things up even further, all of these values sweet spots come down to the user's personal preference. Not everyone wants a seed that has insanely high THC levels, and not everyone is going to pick high yields over a zesty smelly bag of chronic.

Because of these differences in needs and wants we are going to compare just two important elements; yields and quality. We have collected all of the following information from breeders and also online forums. All of the data has been put into graphs to make cross-referencing easier. All breeders have many different strains so we have taken one popular strain that all these breeders are producing, we have chosen 'Northern Lights' for this test as it is a very popular seed with plenty of sources to refer too.

Comparing Yields of Cheap Cannabis Seeds vs Premium Brands

So here we have two graphs, most attention should be focused on 'forum information' as this is the yield reported by private growers; unlike the first graph which is the yield claimed by the breeder. Of course one private grower is not enough information to go on, so we have collected 3 separate grows from popular users from the following forums: 420Magazine, THCTalk, and Rollitup. We then calculated the average from a minimum of 3 different reports.

yields compared by breeder yields compared by forums

As you can see, cheap cannabis seeds have come second in terms of yield. But as mentioned before, big yields are really not everything and quality is more important. So read up on the next section where we determine quality.

Comparing THC levels & Quality of Cheap Cannabis Seeds vs Premium Brands

There are at least 113 different cannabinoids found in cannabis so judging all of them would be very difficult, for this reason, we will focus on the well known THC compound - Now the issue here is that we can only take the breeders word on this as private growers are unable to find the true THC levels of their harvest. However, a lot of the time a clear picture of the buds will be a clear indication on the general level - We are going to categorize the forum graph as 'low, medium, and high' judging the bud through clear photographs. For this section, we are using 'smoke reports' from 8 different well-known forums as it is the only way to get feedback on the quality.

thc levels by breeder thc levels by forum

The data suggests that on the chosen strain we are comparing (Northern Lights), cheap cannabis seeds are right up there with the other well-known brands.


Unfortunately, we are unable to reach through the screen and start judging smells and effects on all harvests used for our statistics. However, we can still make solid judgments based on clear pictures and information that was available online. The results show that cheap cannabis seeds can easily go head to head with any of the well-known breeders; the only difference between these four breeders seems to be in the price. Dark Wizard Genetics comes in as low as £6 per seed whilst a Sensi Seed is around £12 per seed! Literally, double the price for incredibly similar results.

So why do some Cannabis Seeds cost a lot more than others?

The most common reason that some cannabis seeds cost more than others is due to branding. The well-known breeders did not just get where they are today by having good marijuana seeds for sale, they did it as many other businesses do; through advertising, sponsorships, and providing an all-around good business model. There are thousands of different breeders, only around 100 hundred of them are well known in the industry and around 20 of these dominate the rest. There is a lot of competition in the industry as in reality making your own cannabis seeds is not difficult with the abundance of potent seeds available at your fingertips! Back fifty years ago it was much harder to get your hands of quality genetics and cannabis breeding had far less competition as a result.

So as you can imagine, to make a name for yourself in the industry these days you really need to put a lot of money in to get your name heard (Along with quality cannabis seeds, of course). Once you have put so much money into the brand you naturally need to charge more money for your cannabis seeds to make the investment worthwhile. This is the general reason why some cannabis seeds cost more than others.

I hope you have enjoyed this article on cheap cannabis seeds. You should now understand why some cannabis seeds cost more than others along with feeling more confident about the results that can be achieved by using cheaper genetics!

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This saves many excess costs and as you can see from the price tags on our cheap marijuana seeds, the savings are passed directly on to the customer. Whilst profit is important for a business to successfully run, we strongly believe that every person in the world has the right to store this incredible medicine in the form a seed. From ever changing laws to genetic preservation, it is every human's right to help protect the huge array of different cannabis plants that have developed from all corners of our planet. For this reason, we have chosen to supply cheap marijuana seeds to end customers all over the world.

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